We’ve received word that Elder Glosenger is now in Las Vegas!  Go Ben!  Now the fun truly begins.   My parents received an email from the mission president, and here is a portion of that note.  The best part?!  PICTURES!   If you miss Ben as much as we all do, these incredibly happy pictures of Ben will bring you a smile :o)

“Dear Glosenger Family,

I am happy to inform you that Elder Glosenger arrived in Las Vegas with a smile on his face and a wonderful spirit. Thank you for preparing him to serve the Lord. We will do our best to build on what you have taught him by incorporating the principles of missionary work found in Preach My Gospel. When his service is finished he will be a stronger person with a deep commitment to the Lord. He will be serving in the North Zone.
We hope as you write or email him weekly to express your love, that you will also encourage him to live up to the commitments he made when he accepted this call.  Missionary work is hard, and many times it is discouraging.  Your letters of encouragement and love will help him continue to work hard and be happy.

Your love and support are so important to his success.  He will be blessed as he is obedient and he will be happier.  Again we thank you for your faith in sending your son out to serve the Lord.


Michael A. Neider, President

Write to him, all his friends.  You know, all of you who said you would, but maybe haven’t done it yet?  You know who you are!

(Cece saw this pic and said “Umple Ben!” and the boys said “He looks happy.”  “But I miss him.”)


Pray for him, often.






From Benjamin (06.05.12)
“Ok, so I am now done here at the MTC, this is our last day! And its a P-Day so we are really done with everything just have to pack everything up! We got up at 3:30 this morning to say good-bye to a few people in our district, one being my companion, Elder Hudson, who is awesome and is going to San Diego, so I told him to look out for Meaghan Edgerly, who is out there. That would be awesome if they met. But really, its just been great being here, learning sooooo much about teaching people and the roles and responsibilities missionaries have in the ward! I have loved being here but cant wait to get out in the field and apply what I’ve learned and try and keep the spirit with me as I find and teach people! It was really cool last night cause one of the elders in my district got some other elders and did this thing called a haka for us since we are leaving and it was way cool. So, its been really cool practicing teaching people and one of the people we were teaching actually took pictures with us and gave us his address and wants us to write him, he was, by far, my favorite. I’ll be sending pictures home this week of my mtc experience! I have no time left so I have to go! hopefully i will have more time in the field next week to write! Gotta go, I’ll holla!
Love, Elder Glosenger! ”  -B
Pray for Ben, and his safety, as he flies out tomorrow morning.  He’s going to do big things in Vegas!   I’ll post pictures, when they arrive. Don’t forget to write to him (mom!)!  He loves hearing from his friends/family.   -R

Word from the MTC

From Ben:

“So, everything has been really cool here! Like, you just feel so much closer to the Lord because your just completely focused on the Gospel and being in service to others! The food here is good, I would best describe it as the Golden Corral.  It’s all you can eat and they give you a couple different choices so you just eat as much as you can but I’m starting to learn how to have self-control when it comes to eating.  But a good thing is my district, (for those who don’t know, a district are like the other missionaries we go to class with and eat with and pretty much do everything with), but anyways, we’re going to be the first missionaries to test out this new exercise program that they are going to be having all missionaries do in the future, so that’s cool. Our district is made up of 5 elders (1 elder went home) and 4 sisters, all but three are going to Las Vegas. There are definitely some different personalities, haha.  It can be hard sometimes when you’re trying to teach someone about the gospel and you and your companion are not on the same page and for us we are in a trio so when all three of you aren’t on the same page its kind of a train wreck but it’s all good! (in his next email, he did mention that they’re working much better together, and their communication is improving.)

Oh yeah,  I tried to play basketball the other day and it was going so good! Then, I dislocated my knee AGAIN! and just the day before that I ran 4 miles! i guess no basketball for me anymore, maybe this time i will actually stick to it. But man, it’s hard to give up your passion! It was cool, cause it was really tough getting around the next couple of days but my companions gave me a blessing and I felt so much better the next day! Man, the Priesthood is real, my friends, and God truly knows our needs and will bless us according to His plan for us.

I just want to end with my testimony, that I know that this Church is true and I know that I’ve been called by God to invite others to come unto Christ!” -B


In a follow up email (05.29.12), Benjamin wrote that he’s really enjoying the classes and the studying.  And that he can see improvements in the lessons he’s giving.   They were already able to commit an investigator to baptism (although, they don’t know if they’re already members or not).  Which is so great for him!  He’s grown attached to the people they are teaching while they’re at the MTC.   His last line reads:

“That is so crazy to think I’ll be in Las Vegas, teaching people and knocking on doors in 120 degree weather, haha. I can’t wait, cause I know the Lord brings us trials so that we can overcome them and be blessed for it! I’m really happy here and love serving the Lord and helping others come unto Christ by recieving the restored gospel! I love you ALL!” -B



Elder Benjamin Josiah Glosenger
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E, Provo, UT 84604