Ever learning, growing (D&C 130:19)

The mission is going so well. I really do love it and I am learning so much every day about the gospel and the person that I need to be to help this work continue.

The past couple of weeks we haven’t been teaching much but the lessons we have had are very good. We have had a few lessons with a father and a son and they are set to be baptized September 8. We have been having trouble getting them to come to church, but finally they came this week and so if they come these next two weeks then we will be good to go.

We had this awesome zone conference that taught me so much. It taught me how hard headed I can be and how I need to be more open-minded to see how other people see things and not just how I think things are or should be.

We also have these great members that moved into one of our wards who are hilarious, very smart, and really want to help with the missionary work. They have shared many great ideas with us and have given us ideas to strengthen the ward.

On exchanges last week the other elder’s apartment had black widows outside of it. While tracting we knocked on door and there was a brown recluse next to the door! It’s crazy out here but I know I have the Lord’s protection.

Well believe it or not I feel myself growing so much (spiritually & mentally)! I almost have the whole Book of Mormon scripture mastery down. Thanks for all the prayers, love, and support! Love you all and hope you are all safe and sound.


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