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2nd transfers, now a trainer

So the second transfer is over! Time is flying! Today I got to find out who is my new companion. I’m staying in the same area, which is great, but I will be training someone new. That’s wild because I just finished being trained! It’s going to be exciting and I know it will be a humbling experience. There will be a lot for me learn. I’m so excited!

This week we had some great lessons with our investigators J. R. and Jonathan, who are set for September 8. That may get pushed back because of stake conference, but no big deal. Then later in September we should have another baptism with our investigator John, after he gets married. So this next month should be big!

Also this week we received a media referral for this guy Phillip who just moved into the area. We went over and answered some of his questions, but didn’t really have a lesson. He already came to church and the ward did a great job fellowshipping him. We are excited to work with him. He smokes and drinks coffee, so we will have work with him!

So much has been going on and it’s so great to learn all these cool lessons and to continue to grow and to see my testimony grow! I love talking to people about Christ and what he has done for all of us and Heavenly Father’s plan for all of us! It has so much power in it and we should all be doing it, through word and example! We will be blessed as we strive to come closer to Christ and the restored gospel shows us the way to do that!

The gospel is true!


Ever learning, growing (D&C 130:19)

The mission is going so well. I really do love it and I am learning so much every day about the gospel and the person that I need to be to help this work continue.

The past couple of weeks we haven’t been teaching much but the lessons we have had are very good. We have had a few lessons with a father and a son and they are set to be baptized September 8. We have been having trouble getting them to come to church, but finally they came this week and so if they come these next two weeks then we will be good to go.

We had this awesome zone conference that taught me so much. It taught me how hard headed I can be and how I need to be more open-minded to see how other people see things and not just how I think things are or should be.

We also have these great members that moved into one of our wards who are hilarious, very smart, and really want to help with the missionary work. They have shared many great ideas with us and have given us ideas to strengthen the ward.

On exchanges last week the other elder’s apartment had black widows outside of it. While tracting we knocked on door and there was a brown recluse next to the door! It’s crazy out here but I know I have the Lord’s protection.

Well believe it or not I feel myself growing so much (spiritually & mentally)! I almost have the whole Book of Mormon scripture mastery down. Thanks for all the prayers, love, and support! Love you all and hope you are all safe and sound.

D&C 4:4 “the field is white already to harvest”

This week has been interesting! We have been working very hard to find people to teach. We have been walking and walking in the heat for hours. We are starting to see some of the blessings from our dedication!

On Tuesday this former investigator that we have been trying to reach called the bishop and asked him to marry him and his girlfriend. After he married them, they said they wanted to be baptized! Easy, right, wrong! We went and taught them Saturday and had a real good lesson. There was the husband and wife and their 15-year old son. Turns out the wife is a member already. The husband and wife were crying and the spirit was strong. The son had a genuine interest. We set baptism dates and asked them to pray to know if the scriptures and the church are true. BUT … they didn’t show up for church the next day! So it might not be so easy after all. I still am excited to have this family to teach.

Oh, another thing that happened was a lesson we had with this dude who has been unreliable. We went to his house Saturday night. We thought he ditched us again, but when we went up to the door we saw a note saying for us to make ourselves at home. He went to get us some pizzas! We had an awesome lesson. However, his schedule is crazy and we can’t meet again for 2 weeks. We are excited to get to know him.

I hope you are all stay safe and you keep living the gospel and be examples to everyone else in the world!