Pioneer Day

Big day coming up next Saturday! It will be my first baptism!

We are baptizing the two kids eleven and fourteen from the less active family we have been teaching. It’s so cool because I was here for the whole process from first knocking on their door to where we are now. This family is so solid and we are so excited for their future. One more thing is for the dad to receive the priesthood and baptize his daughter turning 8 in February. That would be awesome to see.

This weekend was Pioneer Days. The church owns a big park and this weekend they throw a big barbeque on Friday night and then a carnival on Saturday night. A crowd of people come out to it. We got to go there and talk with everyone and it was a lot of fun. They even had fireworks at the end which were actually very good and I even liked them.

We have also been making progress with another investigator, but she has cancer and is sick a lot of the time. She has been doing pretty well lately and she has been coming to church. We are hoping to teach her Tuesday because we just know that she is ready to receive the gospel. She has such strong faith in Christ and in God and we know the gospel can help her with the problems she’s going through now. After church she was looking for us, but we were talking with people on the other side. Luckily, we caught her right when she was leaving the parking lot. She was emotional about some family situations and she wanted to pray with us. We did that and then we offered her a blessing of comfort.  She totally accepted that and to me that just shows the great faith she has. We are excited to continue to work with her and hopefully we can teach her more often.

It has been a great week and the work is going well. I love being out here and seeing the gospel work in the lives of others. It shows me how much God really loves and cares about all of His children!

“Reproving betimes with sharpness, …” D&C 121:43


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