First transfer

Wow, my first transfer is over! Of course I’m staying in the same area with the same companion, but there was actually a chance one of our wards would be made into a new area. But luckily we still have both wards. Losing a ward would have been really tough because we have been growing so close with each ward and it’s been really good.

During all last transfer, we had only one member referral so we are hoping to at least double that this transfer. Psych, we hope to get a lot more because that’s really the best way to get new investigators. So make sure that all of you are talking to neighbors, friends, and co-workers about the gospel.

My companion is now the district leader and I have been joking with him the past week that he was going to be because of all the “campaigning” he has been doing. But we knew it would probably be him and I’m happy for him because I think he will do a great job because he is always motivated to do the work!

And we should be getting a car every other week now! That will be cool since earlier this week they were having a record heat. We probably won’t do much in the car because if we use the car one week then it’s just going to make the next week riding the bike that much more terrible. Honestly, we both aren’t fazed by the heat. I think the Lord has blessed us not to be effected by it because people are always complaining about how hot it is and we’re are always saying it’s not that bad, but who knows.

But the work is still going good that family came to church again. The son is set to be baptized July 28. The daughter is still a little scared. I think because she doesn’t fully understand it, so we will try and break it down for her.

We have a baptism for September for another guy, which may or may not happen earlier, but that’s a crazy story. And there’s a few more that we are very excited about! I love teaching these people and helping them feel the spirit and watching the gospel bless their lives!

Please pray for me to focus on the work because we were helping this guy move the other day and he was telling me about this crazy NBA off season!!!! RAY ALLEN IS ON THE HEAT! That hurt! And then Nash is on the Lakers! D stayed with the Nets and Kidd went to the Knicks and Gay is with the Twolves and KG is with Boston for three more years CRAZY!

I hope all is well with everyone. I love you all!


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