4th of July in the Mission

This last week was a lot of fun! The fourth of July was great. The mission didn’t want us on the streets that night so we went to a member’s house and had barbeque. They had friends and neighbors and family over so there was a bunch of people. They were all fun and outgoing. We played games and watched them light off fireworks.

It was cool because usually members have the idea that if they invite us over they have to force their friends to talk to us about the gospel. But this was a young couple who are super casual, so we got to know everyone in our own time and in our own way. It went so well that now they are comfortable, they can invite them over for a lesson or dinner or Family Home Evening! I just wish more members knew this. Then they would probably be more comfortable inviting over friends knowing that it doesn’t have to be a high pressure situation!

Yesterday, we got this whole family to come to church!!!! It was definitely the best feeling I have had yet! The parents are inactive and the dad never comes to church, so he knows little, but they have three kids: seven, eleven and fourteen. They are super shy, but awesome and they all enjoyed church! It is so good to see them growing as a family in the gospel!

Keep living the Gospel; it will bless your life. I see it so much out here!!


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