Teaching, Tracting

Alright people, sorry I didn’t write last week, but we were busy moving from our apartment to our new place in a members home. We moved in with this elderly lady and it’s really cool because she is super nice and we can help her out if she ever needs anything.

But these weeks are so up and down. We have gotten to teach some really cool people like this 17-year old boy named Evan. He just got out of jail and is researching everyone’s beliefs and I can totally relate! We were able to answer a lot of his questions about where we go after this life and about the Book of Mormon and how he can know for himself which religion is true. It was really cool having that opportunity to teach him and tell him about my experiences and relate with him how the Gospel has blessed my life.

We have also had a lot of interesting experiences with trying to tract people. One day a few people told us to come back tomorrow because I’m busy now. And then we would come back the next day and someone else would come to the door with a completely different attitude! ha-ha But it hasn’t been too bad as most people are really cool about it.

This week we are going to try to have lessons with members just to get to know them and try to encourage them to talk about the Gospel with their friends and family and co-workers because that’s the best way to get people to let us into their homes and be comfortable.

It’s getting hotter here, but not too bad. Just hot enough to keep me in shape. I heard someone say it was 110 the other day but it’s okay as long as you remember to drink enough water! Well, hope all is well for everyone back in Maryland!

Happy Fourth of July!


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