From Benjamin (06.05.12)
“Ok, so I am now done here at the MTC, this is our last day! And its a P-Day so we are really done with everything just have to pack everything up! We got up at 3:30 this morning to say good-bye to a few people in our district, one being my companion, Elder Hudson, who is awesome and is going to San Diego, so I told him to look out for Meaghan Edgerly, who is out there. That would be awesome if they met. But really, its just been great being here, learning sooooo much about teaching people and the roles and responsibilities missionaries have in the ward! I have loved being here but cant wait to get out in the field and apply what I’ve learned and try and keep the spirit with me as I find and teach people! It was really cool last night cause one of the elders in my district got some other elders and did this thing called a haka for us since we are leaving and it was way cool. So, its been really cool practicing teaching people and one of the people we were teaching actually took pictures with us and gave us his address and wants us to write him, he was, by far, my favorite. I’ll be sending pictures home this week of my mtc experience! I have no time left so I have to go! hopefully i will have more time in the field next week to write! Gotta go, I’ll holla!
Love, Elder Glosenger! ”  -B
Pray for Ben, and his safety, as he flies out tomorrow morning.  He’s going to do big things in Vegas!   I’ll post pictures, when they arrive. Don’t forget to write to him (mom!)!  He loves hearing from his friends/family.   -R

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